Deutz-Fahr Tractors
30hp to 400hp Agriculture Tractors

Massey Ferguson Tractors for Africa

50hp-120hp Tractors


AGRI Tractors, 50hp to 88hp
Agriculture Wheel Tractors

Land Development

AGRIMONT Agriculture Equipments
a complete Farming Solution

FERRARI Tractors for Greenhouse farming

FERRARI Tractors
40hp-95hp Articulated Tractors

Motor Mowers

BCS Walk Behind Mowers
a self-propelled Mowing Machine

Walk Behind Tractors

BCS Two-Wheel Tractors
smaller multi-function Tractors

Grass Mowers

Tractors Ma.Tra
For Golf, Lawn & Garden Maintenance

AGRIMONT Tractors and Equipments, a part of AGRIMONT Group, registered in mainland/onshore in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is covering whole Arab Mena Region and UAE (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Quwain) with Italian, German, Pakistan, Turkish & Indian Brands of Quality Agriculture Tractors Supply, Agricultural Machinery Supply and Spare Parts; and a wide choice of Agricultural Farm Machinery to meet the Farmers Machinery requirements of each low profiled & medium land holding Farmers Community.

We represents DEUTZ-FAHR, SDF, FERRARI, AGRI, BCS, ENOROSSI, YUKAY, GUNGOR and AL-GHAZI TRACTORS LIMITED(Pakistan New Holland Tractors) as Country-Wide-Authorized Distributors and Exclusive Importer/Seller based in the UAE. Agrimont products are reliable and highly durable while offering a very good cost benefit. We have equipped our Mobile Service Team with up-to-date technical skills and high-tech workshops for effective services at the customer Sites within UAE. The services and repair jobs are covered by 2 Service Centres, based at important locations of Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Mobile Workshops equipped with modern facilities and capable & experienced staff while enabling them to perform the repair jobs in the shortest time while ensuring quality and timely repairs.

The Product Lines we cover are:

Tractors (25hp to 400hp),

2 Wheel Tractors, Walk Behind Tractors,Small Garden Tractors,

Combine Harvesters,

Motor Mowers,Ride-On Mowers,

Balers, Bale wrappers, Bale Pickers, Rakes, Tedders,

Forage Harvesting Equipments,

Planters, Seeders, & Seed Drills,

Loaders, Back Hoe & Level Lifts,


Precision Farming,

Tractor Spare Parts.

Agrimont Sales Team provides Complete Farming Machinery Solutions and provides complete consultation to our clients. The farming solutions start from Soil Preparation to Seed Planting Equipment, Spraying, Fertilizing, Reaping, and Threshing, Bailing to Haulage Equipment.

While working out of Dubai, we are also covering and facilitating the Agricultural Governmental demands of Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Somalia, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, and Agricultural Farming demands of Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Algeria, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

AGRIMONT Dubai enjoys the repute of the best source of Tractors, Farming Machinery in the United Arab Emirates. We feel proud in partnering in the new upcoming farming projects in the Year 2020 and playing a key role in the development of the UAE Economy by offering the best quality of Farming Tractors, Machines, Equipment, Spare Parts and After Sales Services.

We regularly serve the following Customers Profile and Communities;

Procurement of Agricultural Ministries for Lawn, Garden & Turf Tractors & Equipments, Lawn Maintenance, Green House Tractors & Equipments, Golf Field Tractors & Equipments, Horse Arena Field Tractors & Equipments,Horse Stables Tractors & Equipments, Construction Companies Tractors & Equipments, Road Contractors, Road Building Equipments & Tractors, Road Maintenance Tractors & Equipments, Boat towing Tractors, Boating Clubs Tractors & Equipments, Beach Cleaning Tractors & Equipments, Property Management Equipments & Tractors, Facility Management Equipments & Tractors, Railway Tractors & Equipments, Airport Tractors, Airport Management Tractors & Equipments, Aircraft Towing Tractors, Ship breaking Tractors, Desert Equipments & Tractors, Sand Leveling Equipments & Tractors, Municipality Tractors, Bilidya Works Tractors, Racing Tracks Leveling Tractors, Ground Tractors, Irrigation Consultancy,Equipments & Tractors, Farm Tractors, SDF Spare Parts, Agri Spare Parts.

Customer Testimonials;

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